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Lots of people know with GPS Tracking technology and applications in the consumer market such as Mobile Phones (Smart Phones) like the iPhone. What individuals probably do not understand about is Blue Force Monitoring. So what is it?

Blue Force Monitoring (you may additionally see this described as BFT) is a United States Army term that is used to define a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking System, giving the military command with area data regarding its forces as well as properties.

Yet why the colour Blue? Some of you may already understand that in NATO Army symbology the shade blue is made use of to identify friendly pressures.

Blue Pressure Tracking systems utilise Who Called Me modern-day technology and essentially incorporate using Computer systems, Satellites and also hand held GPS receivers. The GPS receivers are carried by personnel (or Blue Personnel if you like) or taken care of to Army possessions. These receivers after that send data, on a regular basis, using the network of satellites that orbit the earth and also send out the information back to a main command message.

The main command blog post will after that have a computer system (or instead a collection of hardware consisting of effective servers) than can analyze the GPS location information as well as result it to a map overlay on a screen. This gives the command article a great concept regarding the location of a vehicle, asset or employees which means that in the event of a dilemma or high threat circumstance they can respond extremely promptly in releasing groups to the precise last recorded area that the GPS Monitoring gadget tape-recorded.

Blue Pressure Tracking Solutions are not only able to send out place information back to a central command message, yet can additionally be used as a communications platform. As an example text, both including images as well as text can be sent back to the command article and also Blue Pressure Tracking systems are able to report the locations of adversary pressures. This is particularly valuable for technique when it involves intending routes through potential risks such as damaged bridges, mine areas and so on).

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